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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Online Dating Tips for Men – Starting Conversation

Conversation is the most important part in online dating to impress a woman.
Online Dating Tips for Men
You must start your conversation on a very light note by introducing yourself while starting dating a woman online. When you introduce yourself then don’t write too much about yourself...
Online Dating Tips for Men – Starting Conversation

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dating Tip for Men – Interesting Profile Picture

When you date women online, you must place an attractive photograph that shows real you.
Date Women Online
You must place three to six interesting photograph. Don’t place twenty or fifty photograph to show yourself out. When you place so many pictures a women wastes lots and lots of time to...
Dating Tip for Men – Interesting Profile Picture

Friday, September 28, 2012

‎Dating Tips for Men

Dating is a trend now days.
Dating Tips for Men
They say if you have never dated women, you got psychological problems. Jokes apart, dating someone is such a wonderful feeling that brings joy and memorable moments in front of your eyes.
If you are a guy and getting padded up to date a women you...
‎Dating Tips for Men

Thursday, January 19, 2012


When you and I met for the first time , there was something that attracted me so much in you. I was just looking for it what was the thing and finally I discovered that it was nothing but LOVE . Yes I was in love with you . When we both meet each other we make the entire situation wonderful.

I was walking into my life all alone . There was no one by my side . Then you came my ways and made me feel good  . I cant imagine the joy you gave me .

I dont know where did I lose my heart ? When I saw you I got my destination . I was so excited because you are my first love . When I was in love with you I felt that you have given me the happiness of whole world  . I could feel the whole world in your arms . You mean alot to me . I will always love you all my life . My life is heaven when you share it with me . 

I can feel your fragrance when you are somewhere near to me . I can feel your presence when you are not around .  I dont know why this happens with me ? I am madly in love with you .

Take me somewhere where I can be a part of your sweet dream , where you can make me feel the presence of passing air , the sweet fragrance of flower . Make me feel your love for me  . AS I LOVE YOU  

Friday, December 16, 2011

Relationships are like Violin

Music may stop now and then but strings are always attached to it forever.

Relationship is a bond of love, attachment, affection, trust and faith. Different names are used to describe different relationships but it is all about the love and mutual respect for each other. True love is everything that describes a relationship. This love is the only bond that holds and strengthens a relationship. It only helps the relationship grow deeper.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Is there a need to take out time for you?

This is a very frequently asked question that is there a need to take out time for you? The answer is in the affirmative as you must take out some time dedicated to yourself in the middle of things. In fact research by experts show that people who take a break are more productive. This indicates that they are good at time management which helps them to survive in the long run.

No matter how busy you are or what kind of a schedule you follow, you should give yourself time to rejuvenate your lost energy. This will only make you more energetic as you need to give yourself the time required to rest. If you rest adequately then you will be able to perform even better in due course. That should be enough to reason you out about this “you time” beyond any doubts!

That is why you should either cultivate a hobby like reading, writing, singing, dancing, sewing, making handcrafts, vacationing, even playing golf or any other outdoor activities. This way you can enjoy your leisure as well as learn things that you can use in eventually. Now leisure is a big word that we do not get to see more these days with the modern lifestyle.

Life has become more demanding and if you are a woman, you have double responsibilities of home and office in case you are working. Although we are differentiating as we verily believe that all of us need to take time out for unwinding ourselves. This could be in form of shopping, pampering yourself at the spa, taking a nap, meditating or even getting a new haircut! This can only help to rediscover yourself in a complete new way for sure.

This is very true as you should give yourself the needed time to recuperate the energy and get going. Otherwise you will become Jack has all work and no play. Either you will be bored to death or a time may come when you will not like to talk to anyone. It is good to keep everyone happy, but you also deserve a share and that is why you need to take out time for you no matter what!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Long Distance Relationships – How to Manage

This is one of the frequently asked questions that do long distance relationships work or not? Well to be honest it absolutely depends on you and your ways of problem solving. Relationships are hard to maintain be it long distance or short for some. For such people none of these would work as they tend to have a negative mindset. So if you want your long distance relationship to work, then stop being pessimistic. A positive attitude can change everything in life. If you plan to get into one such relation then have faith in yourself first, then go ahead with it.